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Mary Christodoulou




'From a young age I became interested in how the energy we broadcast out has a huge impact not only on our lives but those around us. Also how, as a young child being subjected to other peoples' negative beliefs, comments and judgements can build up ​unconsciously within us, creating self sabotage, low self worth and limited thinking.  Often this results in unfulfilled dreams, disappointments and feeling of victimhood.



​​​​​The study of Past life Regression and working with many clients also made it evident that our past lives greatly influence our present life.  When we do not understand how and why it does so can sometimes result in confusion and disempowerment.   ​Past Life Regression in itself is one of the best healing modalities available, releasing unconscious, often traumatic, disruptive and negative  energy which has been carried through to our present incarnation.



Another amazing healing process is guiding clients into one or more of their Probable/Possible Future paths which allows them to view their options without limitations.  By seeing a path where their life is on track to their highest possible desires they can start to take the right action steps in the present to create the life of their dreams.  




Realising the importance of Energy Healing I went on a personal quest to find more powerful tools for my clients. Working alongside my Spiritual Guides I use The Healing Codes and an Acceptance practice that creates transformational changes, releases disruptive and negative energies within them and allows them to move on with their life.




I recently went to Brazil to see John of God in Abadiania,  I immediately felt the JOG Entities start to work on me as soon as I booked the trip. Thankfully they stayed with me whilst in Abadiania and on my return home, teaching, guiding and working with me. I  work with them mediumistically to remove clients negative conscious and subconscious beliefs, traumas and even negative entities, re-imprinting positive energy which allows them to have new found confidence, feelings of empowerment and a new sense of freedom to create their perfect lives.


I also run 'Awareness & Empowerment' workshops for people to re-discover how they are indeed Masters of their Own Fate.




Having attended a Spirit Rescue Circle for several years enabled me to become highly skilled and at ease in this practice working comfortably in a multi-dimensional capacity in homes and businesses releasing negative entities and creating pleasant and thriving environments.



Wanting to work from my highest level I completed and became a graduate of the Orin & Daben Awakening the Light Body course. 




I am also a Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Angel Card Reader.


I have worked with clients of all ages and my passion is to aid in empowering them to reach their full potential and to be limitless in their aspirations and achievements.  


You will find me very easy going and understanding and I will put you at ease so you feel relaxed and ready to begin your transformational process.













Mary is a holistic therapist and counsellor specialising in Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Energy Clearing and Healing.  She is also a workshop facilitator.


She is one of only a few Advanced Future Life Progression Practitioners in the world trained by Anne Jirsch, one of the world's leading experts and pioneer of Future Life Progression.


She recently assisted Anne in her 2nd Advanced Future Life Progression workshops. 

She is a member of the Past & Future Life Society.

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