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Property Clearing & Spirit Visitors​

Some TV  programmes investigating ‘haunted houses’   have investigators screaming and jumping about in fright when supposed malevolent spirits are making themselves known around them. Perhaps the producers hope the TV ratings increase with all the drama and intrigue. Well, as exciting as it all looks, it’s not always like that.

I visited a house lately which had a lot of ‘paranormal’ activity. From the very first night of the family moving in, howling wind was coming through the chimney in the master bedroom, with many things breaking down in the first few days.  Since then there have been broken windows, 3 boilers becoming dysfunctional in 5 years emitting sulphur smells, car batteries failing  and a myriad of other activities.

The occupants were at a loss at what was going on but had been told a malevolent spirit was present in their home.  Before I visited the house I tuned in to the entity who told me he told me he was the first owner of the property. He was so proud of his house. It was fresh and clean with plenty of space and a lovely back garden that he used to look out onto. Now it was no longer that way and he was not happy about it.

Entering the house several days later, I sensed a strong male presence. Especially in the master bedroom where I psychically saw him sitting in an armchair, he then flew straight into a portal disappearing from view,  automatically telling me he was not ‘Stuck’ on the earth plane. My immediate reaction was, “Well who do I talk to now”?

I sat in the bathroom where I was told brown splashes constantly appear on the door and that the boiler downstairs emits smells and makes noises when someone is having a bath.  I asked the entity to come back to talk to me.  He automatically showed me an old geyser (water heater) and the words, ‘explosion’. He said it exploded many years ago and caused a lot of damage in the kitchen. I got the feeling someone (most probably his wife) had been hurt. He seemed very upset about this and would not give more details except to say that he has been trying to tell the present occupants to cover up the boiler but they were not listening. He kept saying “Tell them to cover it up”.  I told him they could not hear him but I would relay the information.  The present boiler is not housed inside a kitchen unit. Some kitchen units were removed to make way for a very large fridge by the previous owners and the kitchen has remained untouched since then.  I explained the new boilers were very safe and he need not worry.

He also again remarked at the amount of furniture in the house saying that he moved in when the house was new and spacious.  I told him that he can build an identical house (the way it was originally) in the astral plane he resides in.  He told me he knew that but his concern was for the house here on the earth plane. Entities are often very attached to something they loved dearly on this plane and are drawn back to warn others of things they are concerned about and are not at peace until they have relayed the information

Since then there has not been any more activity.

If you are seeing or sensing unusual activity in your home and you are feeling uncomfortable, it is always best to get someone who can communicate with the visiting entities to check it out.  Many entities that visit us are not harmful and just want to relay some information. If they are not heard they often resort to grabbing your attention in any way they can.​


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