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Future life Progression




Mary is an Advanced Future Life Progression Practitioner trained by Anne Jirsch, one of the leading FLP pioneers. FLP is the exploration of how your life could be living in the future.  What you will be doing, where and with whom you will be, in fact all aspects of your life. It allows you to see your life path and the best direction for you to follow.

Seeing your own future helps you to clarify the experience and have it manifest. This can be viewed safely to give you these incredible insights by using different methods of relaxation such as hypnosis and guided meditation to project you forward to tap into your own future wisdom and talents to explore what will work for you and be a success.​

FLP can also give you incredible awareness into how your present thoughts, beliefs, attitude, decisions and actions, attracts similar experiences to you and how it could be if you changed certain aspects of yourself. Tapping into your future wisdom can show you how you are serving yourself or selling yourself short.  However FLP also allows you to transcend limited and disempowering beliefs so you can see yourself after having implemented positive changes with clarity, focus and intent and creating your best possible future within all aspects of your life.​​​


FLP is used with great effect to view future business trends, to find the next big thing and explore new niches that can be tapped into. You can see how your career evolves and how to create loving and mutually beneficial relationships by being able to see the bigger picture.  If you have difficult decisions to make it shows you which is the best path to take and opens you up to options you may not have been aware of.  ​​


By actually seeing, feeling and believing that you have already achieved your desires is the key to having it.  Once your perfect future has been revealed to you in as much detail as possible, the subconscious mind registers it. The subconscious mind is like a store room of everything that is currently not in your conscious mind.  So once you have emotionally experienced your perfect future you can start to manifest it by remembering and focussing on it and by directing your positive energy and attention towards it.​ Many people have found that their visions manifested much faster after having an ​FLP session.

You can also project into a future life to glean insights of how the world will be then and how you will be contributing to it. You can also have the added bonus of retaining your future talents and the wisdom of a more evolved you.   

The future influences the present just as much as the past. – Nietzche

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