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Past Life Regression


                                CLEAR YOUR PAST, CREATE YOUR FUTURE

Have you ever wondered if a past life can still affect you in your current life?   Have you ever felt you have been somewhere, seen something or met someone before?


Our past lives have an influence on our current life in both negative and positive ways.  By using hypnosis, similar to a guided meditation, you are safely taken on a journey to re-experience these mainly forgotten lives.  As some past lives have more influence on our current lives than others, regression enables you to bring back gifts and talents that may not be evident in your current life, allowing you to benefit from them to grow and move towards your desires. 


Past Life Regression also allows you to become aware of how unresolved past life issues can still affect you negatively.  Such as where certain fears come from, unwanted habits and difficult relationships. Why you may be feeling sad, depressed or stuck in your life or in your job.  Many times they will be recurring patterns that are being played out so they can finally be recognised, released and transformed.



You can also find out what you planned for your present life, perhaps a loving relationship or a repeat of a challenging situation that you want to resolve.  We sometimes choose to experience similar situations to deal with them in a more enlightened way or alternatively experience the flip side of an issue to learn what that feels like from the opposite perspective. 



Our soul which is an infinite energy, holds the experiences and emotions of all our past lives.  Our soul want to grow and evolve, so we reincarnate through time on an evolutionary journey to gain consciousness by experiencing many diverse lives.   This helps us to reach our souls desire of unity consciousness by learning and ultimately being -  acceptance and love. Deepak Chopra described the soul as our core consciousness, as the source of all our lives. He said, 'it projects as the mind, as the body and the universe of our experiences.'  It 'recycles through time on a cosmic journey and it is Karma, memory and desire.'



Jean Houston beautifully described it in an interview with Oprah as


‘The soul is the lure of our becoming’


Past Life Regression is a safe, exciting and informative way to explore your past. It is also a therapy that is very much about healing your past and present leaving you free and excited to create your perfect life.

Gaining these insights can also help you to reconnect to your higher self so you can always have that loving guidance from within which we have all been blessed with and to have a clearer understanding of your life purpose and what YOU really want to achieve or experience in this lifetime.


The present is only a mathematical line which divides that part of eternal duration which we call the future, from that which we call the past. – H.P. Blavatsky

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