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Dr. David Hamilton-is the future predetermined

which is a subject he has covered in his new book.  '​Is Your Life Mapped Out?'

'Life is about probabilities and not certainties, as quantum physics clearly shows us, and so it doesn't necessarily mean these events are set in stone.'

'It became clear to me that my intentions and actions, intermixed with the influences of other people, led to much of what I experienced in my life, but I felt that there were sometimes deeper forces at bay so that some things were always going to happen regardless of what choices I made.'

Excerpts from Dr. David R. Hamilton's Newsletter October Newsletter

Anne Jirsch - FLP Training - Sept. 12, 2012 #2

One can experience many insights during a Future Life Progression  Many people see their probable/possible futures as desirable but some do not initially appear to attain them.  Their futures are dependant on their present thinking and the choices they make in life, often ruled by their subconcious mind.  When they change the way they think, the choices they make and the actions they take and having released certain limitations and beliefs, they change their future.  With the advantage of seeing exactly what has held them back they can implement the changes required.

A FLP session is a safe and exciting way to see how your intentions and actions unfold. 



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Is the future predetermined?

Anne Jirsch - FLP Training - Sept. 12, 2012 #2

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