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Awareness & Empowerment Workshop 

          For Designing your Perfect Future



Since working with Future Life Progression I have found that although many people are very keen to explore this process, some are hesitant, even apprehensive to look even a few years ahead. Some fear seeing something they may not like, while others fear NOT seeing what they WOULD like.
So I created a very experiential workshop to bring awareness of how we are Masters of our own Fate. That we have control over our lives and reality. It may be unconscious but control we do have.


What you discover and how you benefit from attending this workshop:-


  • A clearer understanding of your present situation

  • ​Clarity with what you desire

  • How to have greater control of your reality so you will no longer feel you are being blown with the wind.

  • You become more expansive and unlimited creating more opportunities and satisfying relationships for yourself

  • You align yourself to your perfect future.




Some short extracts from Testimonial Page



'Life can throw up unexpected surprises! I was so glad I  went along to Mary's rewarding workshop because it led me to personally find a "blessing and gift" experience:'

Louise Exeter MAR CNHC, 

Reflexology Plus Chi-Reflexology & Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem

Certified Angel Card Reader



' I have been thinking of entering competitions for months but didn't have the courage for it.  So what I saw that day gave me strength and hope.'  A.F. London



'all participants had catharsis, but left with smile. I feel much lighter and happier as a result.'

Franjo Planinic  London



'the answers to an issue I was dealing with popped into my head. It was an enlightening experience'

E.R. London






I am at present taking workshops for a small intimate gathering of friends and family. Should you like to organise a workshop at your home or work space or for more information on these workshops please contact me for more information





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